Chris Ofili, Damascus Nude


Chris Ofili (born 1968 in Manchester)

Medium: Linocut on wove cotton paper

Dimensions: 30.5 × 20.3 cm (12 × 8 in)

Edition of 30 + 10 A.P.: Hand signed and numbered, recto

Frame: This artwork is sold in a blue artist’s frame (wooden frame, covered in goatskin)

Condition: Mint

In stock

“The tendency of blue towards deepening is so strong that, especially in deep tones, it becomes more intensive and seems more characteristically inward. The deeper that blue becomes, the more it summons man into infinity, awakens in him a longing for purity and ultimately for the supernatural.” – Wassily Kandisky, Concerning the Spiritual in Art, 1910

“My work and the way that I work comes out of experimentation, but it also comes out of a love of painting, a love affair with painting.”– Chris Ofili quoted in “1998 Turner Prize goes to Ofili”, Dan Glaister, The Guardian, 2 December 1998.

“I’m trying to make paintings that make you hear them, rather than see them.  So actually, you’re looking at music.  So it will teach your eyes to hear, and your ears to see.” – Chris Ofili quoted in “Deep Shit”, Parkett, no. 58, 2000.

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