Wolfgang Tillmans, Texte zur Kunst Edition 2018


Wolfgang Tillmans (German, born 1968)

Texte zur Kunst Edition 2018, 2018

Medium: Inkjet print on paper

Dimensions: 29.5 × 21 cm (11 3/5 × 8 3/10 in)

Edition of 100: Hand signed and numbered in pencil

Condition: Mint

In stock

Wolfgang Tillmans’ Texte zur Kunst Edition 2018 motivates the viewer to consider the grey area between truth and opinion, by posing the question: How likely is it that only I am right in this matter? This artwork can be considered a continuation of Tillmans’ project was What is Different? (2017/18), in which he investigated the notion of the backfire effect, tendency of some people to reject facts that conflict with their beliefs. The inkjet print is based on a scan of a photocopy that Tillmans manipulated during the photocopy process. 

Wolfgang Tillmans, Texte zur Kunst Edition 2018

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