John Baldessari, Give me a B, give me an A…


John Baldessari (American, born 1931)

Give me a B, give me an A …, 2009

Medium: 10-part leporello, digital pigment print (Ditone), on photo rag paper

Dimensions: 32 × 250 cm (12½ x 98½ in)

Edition of 75: Hand signed and numbered on label affixed to verso

Condition: Mint

In stock

“I go back and forth between wanting to be abundantly simple and maddeningly complex. I always compare what I do to the work of a mystery writer—like, you don’t want to know the end of the book right away. What a good writer does is give you false clues. You go here, no, that’s not right; you go here, no, that’s not right, and then…I much prefer that kind of game.”  – John Baldessari

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