Peter Doig, Two Students


Peter Doig (born 1959 in Edinburgh)

Two Students, 2008

Medium: Giclée Print on wove paper

Dimensions: 73 x 57 cm

Edition of 500: Hand-signed and numbered in pencil

Condition: Very good

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Discover the enchanting world of Peter Doig‘s prints, where each piece transports you into a realm of vivid colors and dreamlike landscapes. Each masterful limited edition print, available for sale, is a testament to Doig’s unique vision, blending reality with a touch of the surreal.

Peter Doig, born in Edinburgh in 1959, is celebrated as one of the foremost contemporary painters, known for his ethereal and enigmatic artworks that blend figurative elements with abstract painting techniques. His paintings, characterized by dreamlike landscapes populated with figures and architectural forms, immerse viewers in scenes of profound beauty and emotional complexity. His figurative-abstract paintings and prints often evoke a range of emotions from melancholy to tranquility, embodying a subtle tension and solitude that Peter Doig articulates without a deliberate intention of creating a sinister atmosphere. Instead, he aims to weave narratives and evoke narrative threads through his canvases. Doig’s artistic process is notable for its integration of diverse source materials including found photographs, film stills, and personal childhood memories, which he transforms into the foundational elements of his paintings. This method allows him to effectively blur the lines between personal history, popular culture, and art historical influences, enriching his artwork with a layer of ambiguity that challenges the distinction between reality and imagination. In addition to his paintings, Doig’s oeuvre includes limited edition prints that carry the same haunting quality and attention to detail seen in his artworks. In his printmaking practice, Peter Doig is known to employ a diverse range of techniques such as etching, lithography, and monotype, allowing him to craft distinct interpretations of his larger paintings. His career was catapulted to international recognition early on when he was shortlisted for the Turner Prize in 1984. This recognition grew with a major retrospective at Tate Britain in 2008, which highlighted the evolution of his unique artistic vision and underscored his significant impact on the contemporary art scene. Through his paintings and fine art prints, Peter Doig continues to captivate and engage audiences, securing his place as a critical figure in the exploration of new boundaries within contemporary art.

Peter Doig, Two Students


Limited Edition Print


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Figurative Art, Contemporary Art, British Artists

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