FAILE is an artistic collaboration between Patrick Miller and Patrick McNeil. Founded in 1999, the two Brooklyn-based street artists have pioneered the use of wheatpasting and stenciling for their explorations of duality through a fragmented style of appropriation and collage. FAILE’s image-saturated stencils, paintings, prints, multimedia installations and sculptures evidence a mash-up of found visual imagery such as advertisements, manga cartoons and the covers of pulp novels. Aiming at a direct interaction with the public, the artistic collaborative remains focused on the utilization of the urban environment as their canvas despite their ongoing success with exhibitions and public commissions. Among their most prominent projects are Les Ballets de Faile, a commissioned installation for the New York City Ballet in 2013, and the design of Tate Modern‘s iconic river façade in 2008.

American, Founded 1999, based in Brooklyn, New York.

FAILE Prints

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