Thomas Struth, Sao Francisco de Xavier


Thomas Struth (German, b. 1954)

Sao Francisco de Xavier (from Paradies), 2004

Medium: Pigmented inkjet print

Dimensions: 48.3 × 32.9 cm (19 × 13 in)

Edition size: undisclosed

Markings: Hand-signed and stamped, verso

Condition: Excellent

In stock

Thomas Struth, Sao Francisco de Xavier

Explore the thoughtful and meticulously composed photographic artwork of Thomas Struth, whose photo editions capture the intricate interplay between human observers and their surroundings. His limited editions, available for sale, offer a profound insight into the cultural and natural worlds through his distinctive documentary style.

Thomas Struth, a distinguished German photographer, skillfully explores the complexities of viewing and perception in his artworks. Educated at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf under the influential Bernd and Hilla Becher, Struth has developed a nuanced documentary style that captures the intricate relationships between observers and their environments. While he is well-known for his compelling museum photographs, showcasing viewers interacting with art in iconic institutions like the Louvre and the National Gallery in London, another significant aspect of his work is the Paradies series. In this photo series, Thomas Struth shifts his focus to lush, unspoiled landscapes across the globe. These photographs, devoid of human presence, invite contemplation on the natural world’s untouched beauty and the role of humanity within it. Through these serene and meticulously composed images, Struth examines themes of paradise and untouched nature, providing a stark contrast to the cultural and constructed settings of his museum series. Since the early 1990s, Thomas Struth has broadened his artistic scope to include not only museum settings and natural landscapes but also cityscapes, architectural studies, and detailed nature observations. This expansion underscores his ongoing interest in the environments we inhabit and the ways in which they shape our perceptions and experiences. Struth’s artwork is also available as limited edition photographs. These fine art photography prints further convey his investigative approach to contemporary photography, challenging viewers to consider deeper narratives about observation, representation, and the interplay between human and environmental spheres. Through his impactful photo editions, Thomas Struth continues to provoke thoughtful engagement with the worlds we see and the ones we often overlook. Throughout his career, he has showcased his work in solo exhibitions at major institutions, including the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao (2019), Haus der Kunst in Munich (2017), the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York (2014) and the Museo del Prado in Madrid (2007). Thomas Struth was born 1954 in Geldern, Germany, and currently lives in Berlin and New York.

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