Thomas Demand, Grotto


Thomas Demand (German, born 1964)

Grotto (from Catalogue Serpentine Gallery, Collector’s Edition), 2006/2009

Medium: Set of 2 cibachrome prints, exhibition catalogue

Dimensions: each 20.6 x 31.5 cm

Edition of 60 + 20 AP: One print signed, one print numbered, catalogue numbered

Condition: Mint



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Thomas Demand, Grotto was published on the occasion of the Serpentine Gallery’s exhibition in 2006 (6 June through 20 August). This collector’s edition includes two signed and numbered cibachrome prints and a numbered exhibition catalogue.

Thomas Demand, in full Thomas Cyrill Demand, is a German sculptor and photographer who creates large scale, illusionistic photographs. Demand began his career as a sculptor and took up photography to record the works he created from paper. Today, he creates models only to photograph them and destroys them once documented.  His works are recreations of images from the media, which he transforms into life-size paper and cardboard models. The places Thomas Demand reconstructs, although appearing banal, often depict politically or historically significant locations such as the bunker where an assassination attempt was made on Adolf Hitler. Once the models are photographed and destroyed, the photograph is the only remaining record, lending a certain air of of mystery to his practice. Thomas Demand’s photographs question the faithfulness of the photographic medium, and create a disquieting balance between what is real and what is artificial. His images often suggest recent activity yet are devoid of people. Demand’s images demonstrate a dedication to exploring the inner workings of social and historical memory. The artist has been the subject of solo exhibitions at major institutions including Fondazione Prada, Venice; Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo; National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne; Neue Nationalgalerie, Berlin; Serpentine Gallery, London; Museum of Modern Art, New York; and Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humlebæk. He represented Germany at the 26th São Paulo Biennale in Brazil in 2004. Thomas Demand was born in Munich, Germany in 1964.

Thomas Demand, Grotto

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