Richard Serra, Abu Ghraib


Richard Serra (American, b. 1939)

Abu Ghraib2004

Medium: Lithograph with pencil inscription

Dimensions: 50.80 x 36.83 cm (20 x 14 1/2 in)

Edition of 250: Hand-signed and numbered

Condition: Mint

In stock

Richard Serra, a pivotal figure in the realm of Minimalist art, emerged in the 1960s as a groundbreaking sculptor whose work redefined the possibilities of space, materiality, and perception. Known for his monumental, site-specific installations, Serra’s minimalist approach focuses on the fundamental qualities of sculpture, evoking powerful experiences through simplicity and physical presence. Richard Serra‘s sculptures, characterized by immense scale and industrial materials like steel, assert themselves within the surrounding environment. With careful consideration of volume, weight, and mass, Serra’s geometric forms engage viewers on a bodily level, heightening their awareness of their own physicality and the spatial dynamics at play. Beyond his sculptural works, Richard Serra has also made significant contributions to the field of printmaking. In his printmaking practice, he transfers the same minimalist principles to a two-dimensional medium, embracing simplicity, abstraction, and precision. Serra’s prints often feature bold, gestural marks and rich textures, exploring the relationships between positive and negative space. By employing a variety of printmaking techniques, such as etching, lithography, and screenprinting, Richard Serra expands his artistic vocabulary and translates his sculptural sensibilities into the realm of graphic art. Serra’s minimalist sculptures and prints elicit profound experiences through their simplicity and monumental presence. Whether in three-dimensional or two-dimensional form, his works demand direct engagement, inviting viewers to contemplate their scale, materiality, and spatial relationships.

Richard Serra, Abu Ghraib


Limited Edition Print




Political Art, Contemporary Art, Figurative Art, Figurative Abstraction, Post-War Art

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