Mel Ramos, Hawkman


Mel Ramos (American, born 1935)

Hawkman, 2015

Medium: Woodcut and acrylic on Somerset

Dimensions: 94 × 67.9 cm (37 × 26 3/4 in)

Edition of 30: Hand-signed and numbered in pencil

Condition: Excellent

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Mel Ramos, Hawkman

Mel Ramos’ superhero series, to which Hawkman belongs, is a vibrant homage to the golden age of comic book heroes, blending pop culture with fine art. Emerging in the 1960s, Ramos’ artwork features iconic characters like Batman, Superman, and The Phantom, reimagined through his distinct pop art lens. Ramos’ paintings and prints challenge traditional boundaries between high art and popular culture, celebrating the fantastical and the everyday. By integrating these larger-than-life figures into contemporary art, Ramos not only pays tribute to the comic book genre but also critiques and explores themes of heroism, sexuality, and mass media influence in modern society.

Mel Ramos (1935 – 2018) was a prominent American Pop Art artist, celebrated for his vibrant and often provocative artworks that blend commercial imagery with fine art. Born in Sacramento, California, Ramos rose to prominence in the 1960s during the height of the Pop Art movement, which sought to blur the boundaries between “high” art and popular culture. Ramos’s artworks are particularly noted for their glossy, idealized depictions of female nudes integrated with recognizable consumer goods, such as candy bars, soda bottles, and fruits. This fusion created striking visual puns and sardonic critiques of both the commodification of women’s bodies and consumer culture. His style was heavily influenced by his contemporaries, such as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, but Ramos carved out a niche with his distinct approach to figure painting, combining elements of realism, commercial art, and surreal juxtapositions. Beyond his famous nudes, Ramos also explored other themes using the same bold, graphic style. His series of superhero paintings, for instance, depicted comic book heroes in bright, engaging colors, emphasizing the fantastical and over-the-top nature of American pop culture. An adept printmaker, Ramos extended his practice into printmaking, where he produced a variety of limited edition prints. These prints were not mere reproductions but were often alone standing artworks that explored the same themes as his larger oil paintings. The medium of print allowed Ramos greater experimentation and accessibility, offering art collectors and enthusiasts a piece of iconic American Pop Art at a more accessible price point. Mel Ramos’s contribution to Pop Art remains influential, and his artworks, including his prints, continue to be celebrated in exhibitions around the world. His work not only entertains but also provides critical commentary on the visual and cultural landscapes of America, making him a pivotal figure in the Pop Art movement.


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