John Baldessari, Belch


John Baldessari (American, 1931-2020)

Belch (from the Engraving with Sounds series), 2015

Medium: Archival inkjet print on paper

Dimensions: 36.8 x 30.5 cm

Edition of 25: Monogrammed and numbered on a label on the reverse

Condition: Very good


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Belch by John Baldessari forms part of his series Engraving with Sounds from the year 2015. In this body of work, Baldessari transforms historical engravings into contemporary works of art. By infusing bright colors and written expressive sounds, the Californian adds a layer of playfulness to antiquarian depictions.

California based artist John Baldessari’s work is most often recognised as Conceptual or Minimalist. He is known for his pioneering use of appropriated imagery and works using found photography. His signature pieces are juxtapositions of images and text that delve into the power of language and the way in which art is communicated. John Baldessari‘s extensive body of work demonstrates the power of communication that can arise when texts and images are used in unison. He does this whilst offering a commentary on contemporary culture. Although he was initially a painter, since the 1970s, John Baldessari has worked less with paint and increasingly with collage as well as printmaking, film, video installation, sculpture and photography. This move away from painting gave rise to his interest in billboards, and the ways in which they function as a popular means of communication. Influences from fellow artists including Barbara KrugerCindy ShermanDavid Salle and Annette Lemieux are evident throughout much of his oeuvre.

American, 1931-2020

John Baldessari, Belch

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