Invader, Rubik Shot Red Marilyn

Invader (French, b. 1969)

Rubik Shot Red Marilyn (NVDR1-4), 2023

Medium: Giclée print on aluminum composite panel with Diasec mounting

Dimensions: 100 x 100 cm (39 2/5 × 39 2/5 in)

Edition of 774: Hand-signed and numbered on label affixed to reverse

Publisher: HENI Editions, London

Condition: Mint (shipped in original packaging)

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Invader, Rubik Shot Red Marilyn

Initiated in 2005, Invader’s Rubikcubism series ingeniously assembles images using the limited six-color palette and square tiles inherent to a Rubik’s Cube. The resulting compositions evoke a resonance reminiscent of Pointillism, revealing the subject’s intricacies either through physical distance. This innovative approach transforms traditional artistic concepts, inviting viewers to engage with the limited edition prints in a dynamic and multifaceted manner.

Invader, the enigmatic French street artist born in 1969, has left an indelible mark on the global art scene through his distinctive mosaic street art. Maintaining anonymity behind the pseudonym Invader, he draws inspiration from classic video games, transforming urban landscapes into pixelated wonderlands. Emerging in the late 1990s on the streets of Paris, Invader’s art is characterized by small, colorful ceramic tiles arranged in pixelated designs, resembling the 8-bit graphics of early video games. Each mosaic, or “space invader” as he calls them, is a meticulous creation, often placed in unexpected locations, turning mundane cityscapes into interactive art galleries. The iconic characters and symbols from Invader’s installations pay homage to the nostalgia of video game culture, creating a bridge between the digital and physical realms. What sets Invader apart is the global scale of his invasion. His pixelated creations have infiltrated cities worldwide, from Tokyo to New York, leaving a trail of invasions that sparks a sense of surprise and delight among those who encounter them. The artist’s use of ceramic tiles not only withstands the test of time but also adds an extra layer of texture and vibrancy to the streets where they reside. The mystery surrounding Invader’s identity and his “Invasion Kits” – maps guiding enthusiasts on a quest to discover each invader – have turned his work into a global phenomenon. Beyond the streets, Invader’s influence extends to galleries, where he showcases his indoor pieces and celebrates the fusion of street and contemporary art.

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