Grayson Perry, Piggy Bank


Grayson Perry (British, b. 1960)

Piggy Bank, 2017-2022

Medium: Ceramic piggy bank in blue and white with rubber stopper

Dimensions: 19 × 10 × 9 cm

Edition size: Unknown; Stamped with the artist’s logo on the underside

Condition: Mint (sold with original archival box, as issued)

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In 2017, the Serpentine Gallery hosted a significant exhibition titled The Most Popular Art Exhibition Ever! showcasing new creations by Grayson Perry, a distinguished observer of contemporary society and culture. As a notable inclusion in the exhibition, visitors encountered a hand-crafted ceramic piece by the artist, titled Long Pig (2017), prominently displayed at the entrance. This smaller version, referred to as the Little Pig, takes inspiration from its larger counterpart. It serves as a piggy bank, allowing its owner to ‘vote,’ much akin to the Long Pig, by depositing coins into designated slots that align with their preferences and choices.

Grayson Perry, born in 1960, is a celebrated British artist whose work encompasses various mediums, including ceramics, tapestry, printmaking, and sculpture. Renowned for his thought-provoking exploration of identity, class, and societal norms, Perry has made a significant impact on the contemporary art world with his distinctive style and insightful commentary. One of Grayson Perry‘s notable contributions to the art world is his mastery of ceramics. He employs this traditional craft to challenge preconceived notions of art and craft, elevating ceramics to the realm of fine art. Perry’s ceramic works often feature intricate patterns, vibrant colors, and intricate details that invite closer inspection. His pieces explore themes such as gender, religion, and cultural stereotypes, merging historical references with contemporary narratives. In addition to his ceramic works, Grayson Perry‘s tapestries have also garnered acclaim. These large-scale textiles showcase his keen eye for detail and storytelling ability. Through meticulous weaving, Perry depicts complex narratives that tackle social and political issues, often drawing inspiration from his own life experiences and observations. The tapestries provide a visual feast, combining traditional techniques with modern imagery to create powerful and visually captivating compositions. Furthermore, Grayson Perry‘s exploration of gender and identity is a recurring theme in his art. He often creates alter egos, such as Claire and Alan Measles, who serve as vehicles for his artistic expression. Through these characters, Perry challenges societal norms and explores the complexities of gender identity, offering poignant and insightful commentary on the fluidity and construction of identity in contemporary society. Beyond his artistic practice, Grayson Perry is also known for his engaging public persona. He is recognized for his flamboyant and colorful attire, often wearing dresses and embracing a distinctive aesthetic that challenges traditional notions of masculinity. Perry’s openness about his own experiences and his ability to connect with diverse audiences have made him a beloved figure in the art world, transcending boundaries and inspiring conversations about art, society, and personal authenticity.

Grayson Perry, Piggy Bank

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