Fred Sandback, Untitled (1979.03)


Fred Sandback, (1943-2003)

Untitled, 1979

Medium: Lithograph on Japanese paper

Dimensions: 35.9 x 35.9 cm

Edition of 35: Hand-signed, numbered and dated in pencil

Publisher: Edition Heiner Friedrich, Munich

Catalogue raisonné: Sandback 1979.03

Condition: Very good

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Fred Sandback, Untitled (1979.03)

Fred Sandback, an influential American minimalist artist, has made a profound impact on the art world through his unique and innovative approach to sculpture. Born in 1943, Sandback is renowned for his minimalistic yet visually striking installations that explore the interplay between space, line, and perception. Fred Sandback‘s signature medium is yarn or acrylic cord, which he uses to create spatial interventions that interact with architectural environments. His sculptures consist of taut and precisely arranged lengths of yarn that define and demarcate space, creating geometric forms such as lines, planes, and cubes. Despite their apparent simplicity, these installations possess a remarkable ability to transform and activate the surrounding space, engaging viewers in an immersive and contemplative experience. Besides his sculptural work, Fred Sandback is also renowned for his printmaking practice. In his prints, he translates the essence of his sculptural work onto the two-dimensional surface, capturing the same sense of spatial depth and precision that characterizes his installations.  By employing a reduced color palette and minimalistic compositions, Fred Sandback‘s prints evoke a sense of clarity and visual harmony.  The precise placement of lines and shapes in his prints creates an optical illusion, suggesting three-dimensionality within the two-dimensional plane. Through his mastery of composition and spatial manipulation, Sandback invites viewers to contemplate the subtle nuances of perception and engage with the inherent qualities of line and form. Fred Sandback‘s prints have been exhibited alongside his sculptures, emphasizing the interconnectedness between his two-dimensional and three-dimensional works. His prints provide a different entry point into his artistic world, offering viewers an intimate and contemplative experience that complements the immersive quality of his installations.

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