David Shrigley, The Moon Makes Us Crazy


David Shrigley (British, b. 1968)

The Moon Makes Us Crazy, 2022

Medium: Linocut on paper

Dimensions: 41 x 31 cm

Edition of 100: Hand-signed and numbered

Condition: Mint

In stock

Explore the artistry of David Shrigley, a standout among contemporary artists, with our collection of limited edition prints. Immerse yourself in his unparalleled vision and humor, as each print by Shrigley encapsulates his unmistakable style. Elevate your art collection with the wit and charm that define Shrigley’s work.

David Shrigley, born in 1968 in Macclesfield, England, stands out as an artist whose work defies easy categorization, seamlessly blending elements of drawing, printmaking, sculpture, and installation with incisive humor and sharp social commentary. Educated at the Glasgow School of Art, Shrigley has carved a niche for himself within the contemporary art scene, earning international acclaim for his distinctively witty and often irreverently poignant artworks. His creations, characterized by their simplistic line drawings accompanied by text, delve into the absurdities of everyday life, exploring themes ranging from existential angst to societal norms with both humor and a penetrating critical edge. David Shrigley’s artworks, though appearing straightforward, often harbor complex layers of meaning, inviting viewers to question and reflect upon the human condition, societal expectations, and the often overlooked strangeness of ordinary life. His unique approach to art-making, which also includes photography, animated films, and music, underscores a multifaceted talent that defies conventional boundaries and engages a broad spectrum of audiences. His public installations, such as the notable Really Good sculpture in London’s Trafalgar Square, exhibit his capacity to use public art as a medium for social critique and collective reflection, often imbued with an optimistic or humorous twist. This particular piece, a giant thumbs-up, serves as a paradoxical symbol of both positivity and the ambiguity of success, encapsulating Shrigley’s ability to merge visual simplicity with profound commentary. Nominated for the Turner Prize in 2013, Shrigley’s contribution to the field of contemporary art is significant, marrying the accessible with the profound, the humorous with the serious. His paintings, drawings, prints and other artworks not only entertain but also prompt a deeper engagement with the world around us, making David Shrigley a vital voice in the discourse of contemporary art.

David Shrigley, The Moon Makes Us Crazy


Limited Edition Print




Abstract Art, Contemporary Art, Figurative Abstraction, Text-based Art

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