Christian Jankowski, Strip the Auctioneer


Christian Jankowski (German, born 1968)

Strip the Auctioneer, 2009

Black and white photograph and printed cardboard, mounted on cardboard

Dimensions: 39.8 × 50 cm

Edition of 12: Hand signed, numbered and dated in pencil

Condition: Excellent

In stock

“Strip the Auctioneer (…) was only possible to make in the current art world, which has created the high-stakes auction and given rise to the ultrapowerful private collector, etc. Yet it’s also about engaging an individual—Amo Verkade, the auctioneer—who takes his own clothes off. Striptease also has a following, and this is a male striptease, so you can read it from various viewpoints.” – Christian Jankwoski

“[Art] should connect people with the times they are in, and with each other. It should connect them to parts of their own minds they don’t yet know. It should question individuals and the state they are in at a given moment, but it should also give them ideas about what they could become. I think art should also bring joy: good times during the little time you have on earth.” – Christian Jankwoski

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