Yoshitomo Nara, Limited Edition Prints

Celebrated for his imagery of universal themes such as youth and childhood, artist Yoshitomo Nara has created one of the most impressive and prolific careers among Japanese artists today as he charged to the forefront of the art scene on both a national and international level. With most of his works focusing on the characterization of the rebellious youth or of the lonely child, Yoshitomo Nara once expressed: “We should rediscover art that exists in what we think of as subculture. It’s strong and real anywhere you bring it because it’s directly born of the everyday folks rather than of tradition.” Painted in 1999, Baby Blue is truly an iconic work that represents the artist’s attempt to search beyond the realm of the conscious mind, unraveling the subtle desire of trotting through childhood memories and defiantly shattering the rigid boundaries set within contemporary society.

Japanese, born 1959, Hirosaki, Japan

Yoshitomo Nara Prints

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