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Wade Guyton Prints

Wade Guyton dedicates his work to the means of digital image production. Instead of using classical mediums, such as painting brushes, crayons or printing plates, he creates his artworks with inkjet printers, scanners, and desktop computer programs. Guyton channels the perfections and imperfections of these accessible everyday technologies onto canvas and paper by purposefully misusing his printers with commands and materials that exceed its design specifications. Blank paper, catalogue pages and linen are fed through inkjet printers several times. Over the years, the artist has developed a “signature style” comprised of certain symbols, such a Xs, Us, stripes and flames, which are entered into computer applications before being printed to various forms of support. Wade Guyton leaves the outcome of the final artwork to chance, as mechanical errors, unplanned overlaps and constantly varying toner levels add unintended streaks and other painterly qualities to the composition. Although Wade Guyton’s art appears Minimalist and mechanical, its interpretation relies upon the intersection between the artist’s hand and mechanical creation.

American, b. 1972, Hammond, Indiana, based in New York

Wade Guyton Prints

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