Tony Cragg Editions

Enhance your art collection with Tony Cragg‘s limited editions, showcasing his masterful manipulation of form and material. Ideal for collectors of modern sculpture, his multiples, available for sale, exemplify Cragg’s unique approach to contemporary art.

Tony Cragg, a prominent British sculptor, has made a significant impact on the art world with his innovative and dynamic approach to sculpture. Born in 1949, Cragg has explored a wide range of materials and techniques throughout his career, creating sculptures that engage with notions of form, materiality, and the relationship between nature and culture. Tony Cragg first gained recognition in the 1970s as part of the New British Sculpture movement, which challenged traditional sculptural conventions and embraced a more experimental and conceptual approach. His early artworks often incorporated found objects and discarded materials, showcasing his interest in the transformative potential of everyday materials. One of Cragg’s notable contributions to sculpture is his exploration of the human figure and the organic world. His sculptures often display a dynamic interplay between abstraction and representation, evoking natural forms, geological structures, and the human body. Tony Cragg’s ability to transform inert materials into lively, biomorphic sculptures speaks to his fascination with the underlying processes and energy that shape the natural world. Throughout his career, Cragg has embraced a diverse range of materials, including bronze, glass, wood, and plastic. He manipulates and transforms these materials, pushing their inherent properties to create visually captivating and conceptually rich artworks. The play between texture, surface, and form in his works invites viewers to engage with the tactile and sensory qualities of sculpture. Tony Cragg’s practice extends beyond traditional sculpture, as he has also explored printmaking and drawing. His works on paper demonstrate his keen observation of the natural world and his ability to capture its complexity through line and form. Cragg’s prints and drawings often serve as visual experiments and explorations, informing and influencing his sculptural practice.


Available Tony Cragg Editions

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