Sarah Morris is an abstract painter and filmmaker. Each of the mediums in which she works have elements that complement and connect to one and other. Morris has described the dual process of painting and filmmaking as 鈥渢wo sides of the same coin.鈥 Sarah Morris鈥 oeuvre speaks to the disorienting experience of a modern urban existence.聽 The abstract paintings for which she is best known are based on cities, such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Beijing, which she creates from close inspection of the architectural details in each place. Her works are created in everyday, household gloss paint on square canvases, employing a grid technique which references the city she is depicting. The grid is executed in muted pastel tones defined by sharp white outlines.聽In her paintings, Sarah Morris uses colors and geometries that she associates with each city, also taking into account its unique history in an attempt to reveal its true character.

Born 1967, Kent, United Kingdom, lives and works in New York City

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