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Explore the captivating prints of Robert Mangold, a maestro of Minimalism. His mastery of geometric shapes and vibrant colors shines through in each print, now available for sale, offering a sophisticated touch to any art collection.

Robert Mangold is a highly acclaimed American artist known for his significant contributions to abstract art. Born on October 12, 1937, in North Tonawanda, New York, Mangold has become synonymous with minimalist and abstract art, earning a reputation as a master of geometric abstraction. Mangold’s artistic journey began in the 1960s when he emerged as part of the Minimalist movement, alongside influential figures like Donald Judd, Dan Flavin and Frank Stella. His early works displayed a keen interest in simplicity, form, and color, exploring the fundamental elements of visual perception. Mangold’s oeuvre often features geometric shapes, particularly circles and rectangles, arranged in precise compositions that emphasize clarity and balance. One of Mangold’s notable series is his “X” paintings, where he skillfully combines geometric shapes with a nuanced exploration of color relationships. His use of color is deliberate and thoughtful, creating harmonious arrangements that engage viewers in a contemplative experience. The interplay between form and color in Mangold’s artworks serves as a testament to his mastery of visual language and his ability to convey complex ideas through seemingly simple compositions. Throughout his career, Mangold’s artwork has evolved, embracing painting, printmaking and sculpture. His sculptures, often characterized by their clean lines and careful attention to space, reflect the same aesthetic principles found in his prints and paintings.

Auction record: £ 747k, Christie’s, London, 2016


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