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Experience the mesmerizing energy of Jadé Fadojutimi‘s limited edition prints, where abstract forms and vibrant colors converge to create a visual feast. Fadojutimi’s fine art prints, available for sale, are a celebration of color and emotion, offering a fresh and dynamic perspective in the realm of contemporary art.

Jadé Fadojutimi, born in 1993 in London, is a vibrant emerging talent in the contemporary art scene, known for her abstract paintings that showcase a riot of colors and complex patterns. Her artwork is an exploration of emotion, identity, and the diverse experiences that weave the human condition, distinguishing her as a unique voice in modern art. Jadé Fadojutimi’s paintings are notable for their dynamic brushwork and richly layered textures, which build a visual language that goes beyond verbal expression, allowing her to convey intricate emotions and ideas. Her approach to art is deeply personal, drawing inspiration from varied sources such as music, literature, and her own life experiences. This amalgamation influences her artwork, fueling compositions that burst with movement and energy, compelling viewers to engage with each piece on a deeply personal level. Jadé Fadojutimi’s art does not just capture the viewer’s gaze; it also sparks introspection, encouraging a journey through personal feelings and interpretations. Fadojutimi’s talent extends to printmaking, where she explores the same themes of identity and emotion. Her prints and paintings alike invite audiences into a vividly imaginative realm, where they can experience her personal vision of the world.

Auction record: £1.6m, Christie’s, London, 2024


Available Jadé Fadojutimi Prints

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