British contemporary painter Gary Hume once said of his work that: “the edge is the only thing that matters.” Hume’s brightly coloured minimalist paintings are simple in style yet difficult to easily interpret. Gary Hume rose to prominence in the 1990s with his ‘Door’ paintings, a series of life-sized depictions of hospital doors. Later, as his style evolved, Hume began painting nudes, portraits, animals and gardens. It is for these works which Hume is today best known. He works using industrial paint, lending to his pieces their trademark, high shine finish. Gary Hume is a member of the YBAs, and while his work demonstrates an affinity with Pop Art, his use of more muted tones separates his style from the typical boldness of Pop. With his spirited, outlandish work, Gary Hume’s work is at once abstract and representation; surreal and conceptual.  Today he is one of Britain’s most celebrated painters.

British, b. 1962. Kent, United Kingdom. Based in London and New York

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