Best known for his experimentation with shaped canvases, American painter Frank Stella has been influential in developing Color-Field painting and Minimalism. Stella’s colorful artworks frequently feature colorful patterns and geometric designs. In both painting and printmaking, Frank Stella has explored a wide range of visual possibilities, from the elegance of his black paintings to the colorful exuberance of his later work. Stella is considered a peintre-graveur or painter-printmaker, whose graphics represent just as an import part of this oeuvre as paintings do: “What I like in the paintings, I try to get in the prints. And then, what I like in the prints, I try to get in the paintings. It works both ways.” In his prints as in his paintings, Stella works in series. Each series explores a specific formal problem, the solution to which is embodied in a set of variations. in its imagery, Frank Stella’s printmaking invariably corresponds to his painting, although realized in entirely distinct ways. Stella’s activity as a printmaker can be interpreted as a continuous testing of print media to pursue various resolutions of his paintings’ formal concerns.

Frank Stella Prints

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