Eduardo Chillida Prints

Eduardo Chillida is a one of Spain’s most celebrated sculptors who also created etchings, lithographs and woodcuts. Much of Chillida’s work was influenced by his Basque upbringing. He is best known for his monumental abstract sculptures which today can today be found at the front of the World Bank office in Washington and UNESCO headquarters in Paris. To create such works Chillida worked primarily with iron, wood, and steel, materials which are representative of Basque traditions in agriculture and industry. These sculptures concentrate on the human form, primarily torsos and busts, and are often suggestive of movement and evoke feelings of tension. Chillida creates this tension through the exploitation of space and materiality of which he was acutely aware, having trained as a architect. On his work Eduardo Chillida once said: “my whole work is a journey of discovery in space.” The sense of structural organisation and the interplay of spatial relationship is also evident in his printed works, which use geometric and curvilinear forms to create dynamic interspatial relationships in two dimensions.

Spanish, 1924 – 2002.

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