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Chris Ofili, celebrated for his dynamic contributions to the Young British Artists movement, creates artworks that thoughtfully blend cultural motifs and vivid colors. His limited edition prints, available for sale, reflect his unique approach to combining traditional themes with contemporary artistic expressions.

Chris Ofili, a Nigerian British artist, emerged as a pivotal figure among the Young British Artists (YBAs) and gained notable recognition by winning the Turner Prize in 1998. As one of the few African/Caribbean artists in the YBAs, Ofili’s artwork creatively merges elements of high art and popular culture to explore the historical and cultural experiences of black individuals. Known for his vibrant use of color and diverse textures, Ofili often incorporates unconventional materials into his paintings, most famously elephant dung. This distinctive practice, which has stirred controversy, serves as both a literal and symbolic connection to the earth, grounding his artworks in natural elements. Ofili’s approach involves affixing lumps of dung directly to the canvas, which he believes lends a relaxed, almost unburdened quality to the paintings, contrasting with the traditional, constrained presentation of artworks on walls. He explains that this method makes the paintings feel “more relaxed, instead of being pinned upon the wall like it’s being crucified.” Beyond this unique material use, his signature works are intricate, layer upon layer of paint with added textures from collaged materials like glitter, magazine cut-outs, and resin, which add depth and complexity. Ofili’s artworks, including limited edition prints and paintings, showcase his unique stylistic synthesis that blends figurative abstraction with thematic richness, reflecting a deep engagement with his cultural heritage and contemporary issues. His oeuvre continues to influence and shape the landscape of modern art, inviting viewers to reconsider the interplay of identity, culture, and materiality in art. Over the past two decades, Chris Ofili has exhibited in many international institutions. After representing Britain at the 50th Venice Biennale in 2003, a group of Ofili’s paintings was included the 56th International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale in 2015, curated by Okwui Enwezor. Further major solo exhibitions were held at Tate Britain, London, in 2010,  the New Museum, New York, in 2014 and the Aspen Art Museum in Colorado in 2015. Chris Ofili was born 1968 in Manchester and currently lives in Trinidad and Tobago.

Auction record: £2.9m, Christie’s, 2015


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