Wade Guyton, The Tomato Lovers

Wade Guyton (American, born 1972)

The Tomato Lovers, 2006

Medium: Chromogenic print on Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper

Dimensions: 42 x 30.5 cm

Edition of 100 + 20 AP: Hand signed, dated and numbered on verso

Condition: Very good

In stock

“I’ve become interested in when something starts as an accident and then becomes a template for other things, or reproduces itself and generates its own logic until something else intervenes to change it.” – Wade Guyton

“There is evidence of this struggle in the work, in its surface. I’ve been putting different kinds of material through my inkjet printer and there are lots of fuck ups in the printing, the inkjet heads get snagged, ink drips, the registration slides. I’m also just making dumb marks – lines, Xs, Us, squares, monochromatic shapes that don’t require the complexity of the photo printer technology – and it’s interesting how the printer can’t handle such simple gestures”. – Wade Guyton

“(Wade Guyton is) a virtuoso of the inkjet the way Pollock was a virtuoso of the pour” – Suzanne Cotter, ‘Double Negative’, Parkett 85, 2008.

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