Paul McCarthy, Dog


Paul McCarthy (American, b. 1945)

Dog (from Cubitt Portfolio), 2000

Medium: Polaroid Photograph

Dimensions: 10.8 x 8.6 cm (4 3/10 × 3 2/5 in)

Edition: Unique photograph from a series of 100

Condition: Excellent

In stock

Paul McCarthy, an influential American contemporary artist, has made a significant impact on the art world through his provocative and boundary-pushing works. Born in 1945, McCarthy’s multidisciplinary practice spans sculpture, performance, video, and installation, challenging societal norms and exploring themes of power, sexuality, consumerism, and the grotesque. Paul McCarthy is known for his subversive and confrontational approach, often pushing the boundaries of taste and conventional aesthetics. His art engages viewers in a visceral and sometimes uncomfortable experience, confronting them with explicit and often grotesque imagery. By deliberately unsettling the viewer, McCarthy aims to provoke critical reflection on societal taboos and the darker aspects of human nature. One of Paul McCarthy‘s most renowned works is his series of “Western Project” performances, which took place in the 1970s. In these performances, he critiqued and subverted the idealized image of the American West, addressing issues of violence, masculinity, and cultural mythologies. Through these performances, McCarthy explored the complexities of American identity and the psychological underpinnings of cultural narratives. Sculpture also plays a prominent role in Paul McCarthy‘s practice. His larger-than-life, often grotesque sculptures challenge traditional notions of beauty and engage with the abject. One of his most notable works is Tree, a towering inflatable sculpture resembling, depending on who you ask, a Christmas tree, a Brancusi sculpture, or a butt plug sex toy. The work embodies McCarthy’s interest in the absurd, the excessive, and the absurdity of consumer culture. McCarthy’s use of video and installation further expands his artistic language. His videos often feature grotesque and humorous narratives that delve into themes of sexuality, power dynamics, and cultural critique. Through immersive installations, Paul McCarthy creates environments that envelop the viewer, blurring the boundaries between art and reality.

Paul McCarthy, Dog

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