Joel Mesler, Thank You

Joel Mesler (American, b. 1974)

Thank You, 2021

Medium: 5 color silkscreen print on Rives BFK, 270 gsm

Dimensions: 76 x 63.5 cm (30 × 25 in)

Edition of 50: Hand-signed and numbered

Condition: Excellent

In stock

Joel Mesler, Thank You

Joel Mesler’s engaging limited edition prints capture the essence of his autobiographical and text-based art through vibrant color and expressive forms. Each print, available for sale, offers an intimate glimpse into Mesler’s explorations of identity and personal history, making his unique artistic voice accessible to a broader audience.

Joel Mesler is a contemporary American painter whose vibrant and introspective artworks explore themes of personal identity, familial relationships, and the nuanced dynamics of the art world itself. Based in New York, Mesler’s approach to painting combines a distinctive use of color with autobiographical elements, often rendered in a fluid, expressive style that blends abstraction with figurative and text-based art. Joel Mesler’s paintings are characterized by their bright, almost neon, color palettes and a whimsical use of text and imagery that draws heavily from his own life experiences. These elements combine to create deeply personal narratives that resonate with broader existential themes. His artwork frequently incorporates symbols and motifs from his childhood, such as the ubiquitous smiley faces or figures reminiscent of family members, imbuing his paintings with a sense of nostalgia and introspection. In addition to his paintings, Joel Mesler is also known for his work in printmaking, where he extends his artistic explorations into limited edition prints. These prints often replicate the bold colors and emotive qualities of his paintings, making his unique vision more accessible to a wider audience. The print production process allows Mesler to experiment with different techniques and media, pushing the boundaries of his creative expression while maintaining the intimate, personal touch that marks his larger canvases. Joel Mesler’s artworks, particularly his text-based pieces, have garnered attention for their ability to engage viewers with their playful yet poignant commentary on the self and society. His earlier career as an art dealer further enriches his perspective on the art world, providing a multifaceted understanding of both the creation and curation of art.


Limited Edition Print




Figurative Art, Contemporary Art, Pop Art, Text-based Art

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