Joana Vasconcelos, Filament I


Joana Vasconcelos (French-Portuguese, b. 1971)

Filament I, 2014

Medium: Pigment print

Dimensions: 112 × 85.2 cm (44 1/10 × 33 1/2 in)

Edition of 25: Hand signed and numbered

Condition: Excellent

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“For me art has to be beautiful. I believe that beauty and art are synonymous. I do not think it resides, I believe it is.” – Joana Vasconcelos, in Huffpost, December 6th 2017

“(…) When you are in a crisis, it is more important that the artist should be in your country and represent your culture. Because otherwise, as in the Palaeolithic, you do not know what happened to the tribe that did not do the drawing. You know about the one that did. I not only represent my country but also this idea of common culture that we create in Europe.” – Joana Vasconcelos, in Huffpost, December 6th 2017

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