Jeff Koons, Balloon Dog (Orange)

Jeff Koons (American, born 1955)

Balloon Dog (Orange), 2015

Medium: Porcelain with chromatic coating

Dimensions: 26.7 × 26.7 × 12.7 cm (10.5 × 10.5 × 5 in)

Edition of 2300: Signed and numbered

Condition: Mint

In stock

“Balloon Dog is a very optimistic piece, it is a balloon that a clown would have maybe twist for you at a birthday party.  But at the same time there’s the profoundness of an archaic sculpture.” – Jeff Koons

Jeff Koons is undoubtedly one of America’s most popular and famed contemporary artists. Many would immediately recognise his bold, outsized sculptures which have been installed in public places in New York, Washington, Bilbao and Sydney. In his work, Koons employs familiar motifs to challenge perceptions of what constitutes art. He works in a large scale studio with many assistants, a factory-like setup that has often been likened to that of Andy Warhol. Koons divides critics, with some seeing his work as kitsch, while others consider his practice of significant art historical importance. Works by Jeff Koons regularly sell for record sums, and in 2013 a record was set for Balloon Dog,which sold for US $58 million, at the time making it the most expensive work of art by a living artist. Koons has claimed that there is no hidden meaning to his work, simply aiming for it to be relatable to audiences, having said: “I try to create work that doesn’t make viewers feel they’re being spoken down to, so they feel open participation.”

American, born 1955 , based in New York and Pennsylvania

© Jeff Koons

Jeff Koons, Balloon Dog (Orange)


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