Glenn Brown, Sympathy for the Poor


Glenn Brown (British, born 1966)

Sympathy for the Poor, 2003

Medium: Digital pigment print on Hahnemühle paper, layered underneath a transparency printed in colors flush-mounted to plexiglas

Dimensions: 67 x 56 cm (26 ½ x 22 in)

Edition of 60: Hand signed and numbered

Condition: Mint


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“I am rather like Dr. Frankenstein, constructing paintings out of the residue or dead parts of other artist’s work” – Glenn Brown

“I like my paintings to have one foot in the grave, to be not quite of this world. For me they exist in a dream world, a world that is made up of all the accumulated images stored in our subconscious that coagulate and mutate when we sleep.” – Glenn Brown

“Whether I see the actual painting or not doesn’t matter. In the end, what is important is the nature of the reproduction I work from. In fact, it is always the somewhat sad reproduction that fires my imagination, not the real painting. It allows me space to figure out ways to adapt the colour, the form, the orientation” – Glenn Brown

Glenn Brown, Sympathy for the Poor

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