Frank Stella, York Factory I

Frank Stella (American, b. 1936)

York Factory I, 1971

Medium: Screenprint on paper

Edition of 100: Hand signed and numbered

Sheet size: 43.8 x 113 cm (17 1/4 x 44 1/2 in)

Image size: 34.3 x 102.2 cm (13 1/2/ x 40 1/4 in)

Condition: Very good

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“What I like in the paintings, I try to get in the prints. And then, what I like in the prints, I try to get in the paintings. It works both ways.” – Frank Stella

“In his prints as in his paintings, Stella works in series. Each series elucidates his investigation of a specific formal problem, the solution to which is embodied in a set of variations. (…) Stella’s prints invariably correspond in their imagery to his paintings, yet they are realized in entirely new ways. In the hands of an artist like Stella, changes of material and scale inevitably lead to changes in conception as well. (…) The history of Stella’s activity as a printmaker can be characterized as a rigorous testing of print media to seek alternate resolutions of the formal concerns of his painting.” – Richard H. Axsom, “The Prints of Frank Stella”, Hudson Hills Press, 1983

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