Eduardo Chillida, Adoración III


Eduardo Chillida (1924 – San Sebastián – 2002)

Adoración III, 1977

Medium: Etching on Japan

Dimensions: 11.5 x 10.1 cm (32.5 x 25 cm)

Edition of 35: Hand signed and numbered

Catalogue raisonné: Van der Koelen 77009

Condition: Very good, with minimal traces of age and wear (weak light stains and minor creases)


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“My whole work is a journey of discovery in Space. Space is the liveliest of all, the one that surrounds us.” – Eduardo Chillida quoted in “Superstudio: Life without objects”, Peter Lang and William Menking, Skira Editore (Milan), 2003.

“Sculpture is a function of space. I don’t mean the space outside the form, which surrounds the volume and in which the forms live, but the space generated by the forms, which lives within them and which is more effective the more unnoticeably it acts. You could compare it to the breath that swells and contracts forms, that opens up their space (…) to view.” – Eduardo Chillida quoted in “Chillida 1948-1998”Exhibition Catalogue, Museo Nacional Centre de Arte Reina Sofia (Madrid), 1999.

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