Daniel Richter, Begegnungen im Hinterland


Daniel Richter (Eutin 1962 – lives in Berlin and Hamburg)

Begegnungen im Hinterland

Germany, 2016

Lithograph in colors

Dimensions: 235 × 172 cm

Edition of 18, hand signed and dated

Condition: Excellent

In stock

„I chose the guitar, because it is not only a symbol for Western tradition. It also relates to blues music. What melancholy is for art, the blues is for popular music. Blues is being transformed into this idea that we make accessible to people. We free them through bombings and violence, in order to bring them what? Well, the blessings of popular culture. … This poses the question: Which role does our culture play in the world? What kind of cultural picture do you shape not only for yourself, but also for the rest of the world? And I think the rest of the world is quite indecisive about whether the guitar is not merely a phallic symbol, just like another kind of rifle, which is being used to strike at miserable people in this world.“ – Daniel Richter in “Art Talk”, Vice, 2010

“In the beginning I was a slave to the abstract language of expressionism, then it developed into a fascination, from graffiti down to artificial fragments.” – Daniel Richter in conversation with Thomas Schönberger for stylemag.net, June 21, 2008.

“The more you know about the historical or ecological background of images, the more you can interpret, but it’s not necessarily the truth about it.” – Daniel Richter in “Daniel Richter: Pink Flag White Horse”, W. Baerwaldt, 2004.

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