Chuck Close, Untitled (from Doctors of the World)


Chuck Close (American, b. 1940)

Untitled (from Doctors of the World), 2001

Medium: Inkjet print on paper

38 × 61 cm (15 × 61 in)

Edition of 100: Hand signed, numbered and dated, recto

Publisher: Doctors of the World / Art of this Century, New York

Printer: Universal Limited Art Editions, New York / ULAE & Brand X Editions

Condition: Excellent

In stock

“I’m not interested in daguerreotypes because it’s an antiquarian process, I like them because from my point of view, photography never got any better than it was in 1840… Photographs are often so big now that twenty or thirty people can view one at the same time, but a daguerreotype is the most intimate image made with a camera, because it is small and only one person can look at it.” – Chuck Close

Chuck Close, Untitled (from Doctors of the World)

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