C.O. Paeffgen, Joseph Beuys


C.O. Paeffgen (German, 1933-2019)

Joseph Beuys, 1992

Medium: Offset lithograph on card stock

Dimensions: 49.5 x 50 cm

Edition of 100: Monogrammed, numbered and dated

Condition: Very good

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C.O. Paeffgen, Joseph Beuys

C.O. Paeffgen’s limited edition prints distill his distinctive use of pop culture motifs and ironic symbolism, pivotal in the Pop Art movement. Each print, available for sale, presents an accessible way to explore the whimsical yet contemplative themes central to his artwork.

C.O. Paeffgen, a notable figure in the post-war art scene, is recognized for his distinctive contribution to the Pop Art movement. Born Claus Otto Paeffgen in 1933 in Cologne, Germany, he initially studied law before dedicating himself to art in the 1960s. Paeffgen’s work is characterized by its playful and often whimsical approach, merging elements of pop culture with a unique iconographic style that has defined his long and prolific career. Paeffgen’s artworks frequently employ familiar symbols and objects, transforming them through unexpected compositions and vibrant colors. His signature motifs include moon faces, crossed-out names of celebrities, and everyday items such as spoons, cherries, and crowns, all rendered with a touch of irony and humor. This iconography not only engages with the visual language of Pop Art but also critiques and celebrates the mundane and the iconic alike. Throughout his career, Paeffgen has been an avid printmaker, exploring the possibilities of print and its role in mass communication—a central theme in Pop Art. His prints often feature the same engaging symbols found in his larger artworks, making his work accessible through limited edition prints. These editions allow a broader audience to own a piece of his creative vision, extending the reach of his artistic commentary. The process of printmaking has been integral to Paeffgen’s artistic methodology, allowing for the repetition and variation of his themes and motifs. Through his prints and other artworks, Paeffgen has maintained a dialogue with the viewer, questioning the nature of art and perception in a media-saturated world. His work is held in numerous public and private collections, reflecting his enduring impact on the field of contemporary art. C.O. Paeffgen’s playful yet poignant portfolio continues to intrigue and delight audiences, securing his place as a significant artist within and beyond the Pop Art movement.


Limited Edition Print


Figurative Art, Post-War Art, Pop Art

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