Andy Warhol, Purple Cows


Andy Warhol (American, 1928-1987)

Medium: Rubber stamp print on Rives paper

Dimensions: 28 × 21 cm (11 × 8 3/10 in)

Edition of 225: Signed with a rubber stamp

Publisher: Indianakatz, New York (printed by William Katz, New York)

Condition: Excellent

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Andy Warhol: “Muriel, you’ve got wonderful ideas. Can’t you give me an idea?”

Gallery owner Muriel Latow:”You’ve got to find something that’s recognizable to almost everybody. Something you see everyday that everybody would recognize. Something like a can of Campbell’s Soup.”

Andy Warhol: “Oh! That sounds fabulous!”

– “Andy Warhol: Everyone Will Be Famous for 15 Minutes”, Edward Willett, Onslow Publishers, 2010.

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