Albert Oehlen, Cezanne


Albert Oehlen (German, b. 1954)

Cezanne, 2021

Medium: Pigment print on wove paper

Dimensions: 30 x 24 cm

Edition of 30: Hand-signed and numbered

Condition: Mint


Albert Oehlen, born in 1954, is a German contemporary artist known for his innovative and provocative approach to painting. Throughout his career, Oehlen has continually pushed the boundaries of traditional painting, exploring the possibilities of abstraction, figuration, and the intersections between different artistic styles and techniques. Albert Oehlen‘s early works often challenged the conventional notions of beauty and aesthetics. Rejecting the polished finish of traditional painting, he embraced a raw and unrefined aesthetic, incorporating bold brushstrokes, smears, and gestural marks. This approach created a sense of dynamic energy and spontaneity in his paintings, reflecting his interest in the process of creation and the inherent imperfections of the artistic act. One of the defining characteristics of Oehlen’s practice is his playful and experimental approach to combining various artistic styles and techniques. He freely incorporates elements of abstraction, figuration, collage, and computer-generated imagery, creating visually striking compositions that defy categorization. This unique blending of styles allows Albert Oehlen to explore the tension between representation and abstraction, as well as challenge traditional hierarchies within the art world. Oehlen’s engagement with technology is another notable aspect of his work. He incorporates digital tools and computer-generated images into his paintings, merging traditional and contemporary modes of artistic production. This fusion of analog and digital aesthetics reflects his interest in the evolving relationship between technology and art, and the ways in which digital imagery can be recontextualized and reinterpreted within the realm of painting.

Albert Oehlen, Cezanne

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