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Rashid Johnson’s limited edition prints, available for sale, encapsulate his critical exploration of cultural identity through his distinctive use of materials and symbols. These prints extend his dialogue on themes of race, history, and personal narrative, positioning him as a vital voice in contemporary art.

Rashid Johnson is a contemporary American artist celebrated for his multidisciplinary practice, which spans sculpture, painting, filmmaking, and printmaking. Born in 1977 in Chicago, Johnson has become a prominent figure in the art world, known for his poignant explorations of race, identity, and the African-American experience. His artwork is characterized by its rich symbolism and the innovative use of materials. Rashid Johnson’s artistic journey began with photography, but he quickly expanded his practice to include various mediums. His artworks often incorporate everyday materials such as shea butter, black soap, wax, wood, and plants, which he uses to create pieces that are both visually compelling and deeply resonant with cultural significance. These materials are chosen not just for their aesthetic qualities but for their historical and personal relevance, reflecting Johnson’s interest in African diasporic histories and cultural narratives. Recurring motifs in Rashid Johnson’s artworks include faces, books, and plants, which symbolize knowledge, growth, and resilience. These elements appear across his sculptures, paintings, and prints, creating a cohesive yet diverse body of work that engages with themes of memory, trauma, and healing. His print making, in particular, is noted for its intricate layering and textural complexity, blending traditional techniques with experimental methods to produce fine art prints that are rich in depth and meaning. Rashid Johnson’s artwork has been exhibited in major institutions worldwide, including the Museum of Modern Artin New York, the Art Institute of Chicago, and the National Museum of African American History and Culture.

Auction record: $3m, Christie’s, New York, 2022


Available Rashid Johnson Prints

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