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Laure Prouvost‘s limited edition prints embody her distinctive narrative style, weaving together surreal imagery and fragmented text to challenge conventional storytelling in art. Her fine art prints, available for sale, invite viewers to immerse themselves in an enigmatic and sensory-rich world, blurring the lines between reality and imagination.

Laure Prouvost, a French contemporary artist renowned for her captivating installations, films, and prints, is a Turner Prize winner known for creating immersive multimedia environments. Her artwork masterfully orchestrates an interplay between image, language, and meaning, delighting in subverting linear narratives and conventional associations. Prouvost’s artworks transport viewers into altered realms, presenting fragments of familiar reality that are recontextualized and imaginatively transformed. Through her practice, Prouvost intertwines personal memories with fictional elements, challenging viewers to discern the real from the imagined. Her installations are not only dreamlike but also carry a sharp activist edge, addressing themes such as emancipation, globalization, and climate change. These themes recur throughout her oeuvre, adding depth and urgency to her explorations. Prouvost’s videos are often displayed within immersive environments that include a variety of elements such as found objects, sculptures, paintings, prints, drawings, signage, furniture, and architectural constructs. These components are carefully orchestrated to enhance the narrative of the installation, making each piece a comprehensive sensory experience. Her artwork invites deep engagement, prompting viewers to question their perceptions and engage with complex global issues. Through unique artworks and limited editions, Laure Prouvost continues to expand the boundaries of contemporary art, offering profound insights and innovative visual experiences. She was awarded the Turner Prize in 2013 and represented France at the 58th International Art Exhibition at the Venice Bienniale in 2019. Prouvost has held solo exhibitions at institution including Bonnefanten Museum (Maastricht),  Palais de Tokyo (Paris),  Kunstmuseum Luzern, Haus Der Kunst (Munich), New Museum (New York), Whitechapel Gallery (London) and Tate Britain (London) amongst others. Born in 1978 in Croix-Lille, Laure Prouvost lives and works between Antwerp, Belgium, and London, United Kingdom.


Available Laure Prouvost Prints

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