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Explore the captivating world of KAWS’ limited editions, where his iconic and playful imagery bridges the gap between fine art and popular culture. These prints and multiples, featuring bold colors and striking figures, are available for sale and showcase KAWS’ distinctive artistic vision.

Born in 1974, KAWS, real name Brian Donnelly, is a prominent figure in contemporary art, known for his unique visual language and innovative approach to popular culture. His versatile body of work includes painting, printmaking, sculpture, and toy design, effectively blurring the lines between fine art and commercial products. Originating in the realms of street art and graffiti in the 1990s, KAWS initially made a name for himself with subversive interventions on advertisements and bus shelters. His signature “Companions,” stylized characters with Xs for eyes, evoke both familiarity and anonymity, becoming icons in their own right within his extensive portfolio of artworks. KAWS’s early works were marked by a playful, rebellious nature, but over time, he seamlessly transitioned into the fine art world, introducing his distinctive aesthetic to galleries and museums globally. His paintings and prints often feature bold colors and dynamic graphic imagery, drawing from both popular culture and art history. Through appropriation and reinterpretation, KAWS recontextualizes well-known figures like Mickey Mouse and the Simpsons, adding layers of nostalgia and critique. In addition to his two-dimensional artwork, KAWS is acclaimed for his sculptures and editions, ranging from small-scale collectible vinyl toys to monumental outdoor installations. These sculptures extend his signature style into three-dimensional forms, meticulously crafted and often situated in public spaces. By placing these enlarged characters in urban settings, KAWS’s artworks encourage public engagement, prompting viewers to reconsider their interactions with art and popular culture. Through his diverse range of sculptures, paintings, limited edition prints and urban interventions, KAWS continues to challenge traditional boundaries, securing his place as a transformative figure in the contemporary art landscape.


Available KAWS Editions

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