Ai Weiwei Editions

Ai Weiwei‘s editions serve as a powerful testament to his artistic exploration of social and political themes, reflecting a deep engagement with contemporary global issues. His limited edition prints and sculptures, available for sale, stand as a bold statement on the complexities of identity, freedom, and resistance in the modern world.

Ai Weiwei, a Chinese conceptual artist, thinker, and activist, is renowned for his provocative artworks that challenge authority and provoke reflection on contemporary societal issues. Originally focusing on the authoritarian constraints within China, Weiwei has, in recent years, expanded his critical perspective to encompass social changes and political developments in the Western world. His art, which often straddles the line between creative expression and social activism, addresses pressing global issues such as human rights abuses, economic exploitation, and environmental degradation. As one of the most influential cultural figures of his generation, Ai Weiwei has become a symbol of free expression, advocating for artistic freedom and social justice both within China and internationally. His artwork includes not only traditional forms like sculpture and photography but also branches into printmaking, film, performance, and installation. Notably, his prints and limited editions often serve as accessible mediums through which he extends his commentary on liberty and oppression to a broader audience. In 2011, Ai Weiwei’s outspoken nature led to his arrest and an 81-day detention by the Chinese government on charges of “economic crimes,” a situation that drew international attention and outcry. Granted permission to leave China in 2015, he has since resided in various international locales including Berlin, Cambridge in the United Kingdom, and Portugal. Through his continued production of impactful artworks and his engagement with critical contemporary issues, Ai Weiwei remains a formidable force in the art world, using his creative platform to challenge viewers and institutions alike to reconsider the role of art in society and the power of the individual voice in shaping discourse and action. His unique artworks and editions have appeared in major exhibitions at Kunsthaus Bregenz, the Victoria & Albert Museum (London), Tate Modern (London), São Paulo Bienal (2010), Haus der Kunst (Munich); Mori Art Museum (Tokyo) and Documenta XII (2007). Ai Weiwei was born in 1957 in Beijing.

Auction record: £3.4m, Phillips, 2015


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